We Are Here

My name is Aikiko, I’m from Kenya originally, but my mum is Japanese so hence the strange name. I came to Berlin in January 2017.

How does it feel being a POC in Berlin, what does the statement we are here mean to you?

It didn’t kind until a few weeks ago, I was like on whatever, these are Afro-Deutsch problems, I’m from Kenya, if they tell me to go back home I can always go home, it’s not that bad. But then honestly, the pass, you know all the shit that’s been going on, I feel enraged? Cause I’ve been speaking to a lot of my African friends who were born and raised in Africa and for some reason every black person I know is pissed off or is going through some shit and I thought I was immune but it’s bringing up a lot of things that we hide; “it’s nothing big I don’t need to bring it up, it’s nothing big I don’t need to bring it up”. And for me bringing up issues I had with my own mum, which is fucked up. But yeah how do I feel, I don’t know, I never questioned my identity until now.


Photo credit: Calah Paula Toussaint Amat. Instagram: @amat_toussaint


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