We Are Here

My name is Steph Battetoa I’m Brazilian, I’m made in Brazil, and I have been living in Hamburg and after Hamburg I moved to Berlin and now it’s about, I think 10 years I’m here.

What does We Are Here mean to you?

I mean for me it was going to Berlin, more to study kind of, to learn something that I didn’t have in Hamburg, because here you have a lot more options and opportunities. Yeah. And then also because it's very multi-culti, it’s very cultural and I think I look different, not only my skin colour but also like the way that I am, and I thought here’s more space for me than in other cities.

Do you say that because you’ve had a different experience in other cities?

Because I thought, like I said, you see and you know that here is more culture mixes, but it doesn’t mean that those kind of things that happen, like discrimination and racism, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop because the city is multi-culti, it doesn’t mean that, so it’s like yes I came for a thing, but of course the thing is also here, it doesn’t mean that because it’s Berlin we don’t have it.


Photo credit: Calah Paula Toussaint Amat. Instagram: @amat_toussaint


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