We Are Here

Dr. Nurudeen, Cytogenetic Scientist ⁠

I moved from the UK, I was living in Glasgow, I lived in London for a year, and then I went to Scotland to study. I was in Glasgow until mid last year. ⁠

We Are Here - It is a significant statement, I’ve worked here for almost a year, and it’s really not the same compared to the UK, I got a job and I decided to take it low paid because it didn’t speak Deutsch. And I figured I was trying to move grounds but it wasn’t the same with people I worked with, I was the only black person there and it’s always an issue. You know we had to eat together in a common room; the first thing was why do we have to? Everybody should be able to eat wherever they want to, I don’t speak Deutsch and everybody spoke Deutsch there, I mean I’m sitting there eating and everybody is communicating and I can’t communicate. So I figured that this is not helping me, we started having problems and then I decided to leave the job. So I think in terms of relationships with people who are not originally from here or who doesn’t like that they are from here, in some professions it’s really difficult for a lot of people to accept you. I mean if you are a cleaner, yeah it is accepted. I mean I was working in a practice for Cytogenetics and I am the only one there and it was really a big deal, I was feeling depressed. And I had to leave. It would be nice that people know that, you know, we are here! ⁠

Photo credit: Calah Paula Toussaint Amat. Instagram: @amat_toussaint


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