We Are Here

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The “We Are Here” series is an apt, accurate and honest portrayal of the Black and Brown community in Berlin, through portraits that capture thoughts and feelings in the present moment.⁠

How has last month been? ⁠

I think the best word is bittersweet. It's obviously bitter, I think being black is bittersweet it's a lot of bitter because everything that is happening is not new for us, it’s new to people who have power, maybe a little bit more. And it's sweet because it creates these spaces, I meet other black people, I feel so much love at the moment, I feel a lot of love and when I mean love I mean black love. And I realised that love has to be intentional too, and at the moment I feel a lot of love, a lot of black love, I feel rage and sadness and grief and just love you know. And willing to work, even though it doesn't have to be on us but we know what's up when we see each other and I think this bond is like something that other people that haven't lived through oppression will never get and to be honest it's weird and I don't want to romanticise pain because I don't think you have to go through pain to learn stuff, but I do believe that when I see people that don't understand that I also feel a little bit sad for them because the depth that I have of understanding with my people is something on another level like really and I don't have to put them in words that's the beauty of it like they tell me something and I’m like I get it and before you told me something and I know your eyes, I saw in your eyes that you knew. That's the most beautiful thing, finding your tribe you don't have to explain stuff and I think that's why it's so hard to be black, you're being asked, it's a distraction you’re being asked to explain very basic stuff and between us we don't have to and sometimes unfortunately we also become the oppressors in our community but when I found those people who understand me, it's just so beautiful.⁠

Selflove tribute @selflove_tribute, visual and audio artist based in Berlin.

Find out more about Selflove tribute on their website - www.selflovetribute.com/

Photo credit: Calah Paula Toussaint Amat. Instagram: @amat_toussaint


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