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Do you think Germans find it difficult to talk about race?

I do, it’s a sensitive point, I think it’s difficult, I don’t think a lot of work has happened in the past seventy years since those events, you know, holocaust and I think often when people hear race they immediately associate the word racist and racist is a big buzzword, the R word. I don’t really think there’s been a lot of healing around behaviours of the past, there’s been significant putting stuff under the rug and different climates have paved the way for things to come out of the rug.

With the history of the Holocaust and before and when they went down into Togo and Namibia they were working on this whole idea of eugenics and race was very much there and it’s part of the culture and it hasn’t really been taught but some people, many people are aware of it and they kind of look away and then it’s thrown up in the