Do you think Berlin is going in the right direction when it comes to racism & cultural integration?

Community Organiser Vicky Truong (@vicky_hongli) talks to us about her thoughts on cultural integration and the progress of anti-racism work in Berlin. As we continue on our quest to hold space for dire conversations, about identity and race in Germany.

This interview was recorded in December of 2019

Do you think Berlin as a whole is going in the right direction when it comes to racism and cultural integration?

As a whole I would say no, simply because, within the German language- and I’ve had this discussion a few times now but I think it needs to be talked about more- where they don’t use the word race, rasse, within their language and they have many different debates as to why. They still see it as a more anthropological term than a socio-political one and we all know this, we’re living in a very racialised society so for inclusion to happen I race definitely needs to be acknowledged and more things need to be done, for example within the program here today, the “Was Divers Macht” event it is talked about I think once in the program racial profiling with police and whatnot, but in terms of as a whole there’s still a lot of people who I think are perhaps too fragile to speak about this and if we really want to ensure that we’re moving together as a community within Berlin as a whole, more people need to be involved and aware and ready to have the difficult talks and engage and unlearn.

Again a lot of the discussions that I’m having, a lot of the time they believe that integration needs to come from the people who are migrating here and most of the part needs to be done from them, however, as the question states, as a whole, I would say not enough people are doing anything to ensure that true integration can take place within the city. What I like to say is P.I.E, so Patience, Inclusivity and Empathy, and I think this is- everyone just needs more pie.


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