DADDY presents: The DREAMS Issue

We are excited to announce our friends at Daddy have released their second print magazine!!!

DADDY is a platform for underrepresented voices in media and a home for everyone who finds themselves at the margins of society. Diversity, inclusion and intersectionality are at the core of everything we do and we centre the perspectives of marginalised people by providing a space for them to tell their stories the way that they want them to be told.

The second print magazine is a 2-in1 issue that explores the different realms of DREAMS. They asked our contributors to reflect on their place in society and write on their unique perspectives while focusing on dreams, hopes and reality. Both parts of the issue have their own cover, with the first one shot by Meklit Fekadu and the second by Dhanesh Jayaselan.

For part two of the magazine Daddy invited guest editor Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn and guest designer Seine Kongurangkit who have enriched it with their personal touch and talent. In light of the increase in anti Asian racism we have been witnessing since the beginning of the pandemic, we found it important to centre voices and perspectives of the Asian diaspora in the second part of this issue.

DADDY was founded with the goal to diversify the German mediascape and tell stories that have been left untold for too long. Contributors are Black, of colour, queer, trans, female, Muslim, Jewish, disabled, you name it. Together, this brilliant team of writers, artists, designers and activists examines tough and difficult issues like racism, sexims homophobia or discrimination creatively, critically and – whenever it is possible – through a humorous lens.

As a Black-owned business, Daddy believes that lifting up underrepresented voices is a crucial step in repairing legacies of harm and hope that our work inspires other publishers to do the same. With the personal stories that is shared online and offline Daddy want to create an atmosphere of trust and closeness with our readers, as well as build a brave space that reflects and celebrates the diversity within our communities.

DREAMS is the second print issue and couldn’t have come into existence without the help of supporters. Daddy hopes to continue the magazine as an annual, sustainable publication free of corporate influence and explore different themes each year.

Since the website launched in 2016, they have hosted panel discussions with inspiring people like Munroe Bergdorf, Isaiah Lopaz, Diana Arce, Esra Karakaya, and Mohamed Amjahid.

Daddy also co-organised the #BraveFutures Film Race with Chicago-based OTV – Open Television, and have thrown really fun parties that we hope to be able to continue in the future.

Sections in the DREAMS Issue

Cover One: Photographed by Meklit Tsige Fekadu

Cover Two: Photographed by Dhanesh Jayaselan

Part One: Edited by Kemi Fatoba, designed by Elise Chastel

Part Two: Edited by Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn, designed by Seine Kongruangkit

DADDY Consultancy

Daddy consultancy operates independently under the umbrella of We are DADDY Media. DADDY Consultancy helps collectives, institutions, and companies communicate better with their diverse audiences. Services include: diversity and inclusion workshops, sensitivity readings, and ongoing creative consulting.


Kemi Fatoba (Editor in Chief, she/her) is a journalist and content strategist from Vienna. She moved to London after graduating from the University of Vienna (Media Studies) and now lives in Berlin, where she writes about identity, culture, and representation. She is a contributing editor at where she also has a column titled “Schwarz mit großem S” (Black with a capital B).

Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn (Guest Editor) Born in Germany, is a Vietnamese writer, athlete, and activist who has started or co-founded numerous health initiatives: Gold to Green, an online publication and podcast at the intersections of running, sustainability, and culture; WocForward, a monthly exercise club for and by femmes of color in Brooklyn, NY; and Wayv Run Kollektiv for queer, Black, brown, and underrepresented runners in Berlin. She’s also involved in the anti-racist projects and

Art Directors

Elise Chastel (Art Director) is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who actually studied Political Science. Today, as an Art Director, she continues to combine her passion for art and activism in most projects that she undertakes.

Seine Kongruangkit (Guest Art Director) is an art director and audiovisual artist currently living in Berlin. Named after the river in Paris, she was born and raised in Bangkok in the 90s. As a queer person of color, she strives to use her creativity to influence and empower people of all backgrounds. In her free time, she produced multiple audiovisual art installations, juxtaposing western culture with Thai underground music



Facebook / Twitter: @daddymagberlin



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