Celebrate the music of N.E.R.D.

The GEEKx take us back to the 2000s with their celebration of the N.E.R.D. catalogue!

The GEEKx are a tribute band celebrating the music of the prestigious Chad Hugo, Shay Haley and Pharrell Williams.

Responsible for 43% of hits for the 2000s, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are by far the most diverse producers of all time. Creating hits for their own band ​N.E.R.D. alongside with Shay Haley and connecting to the community of ‘misfits’, the marginalised and the unheard/unseen, N.E.R.D. are pioneers of a movement.

In the theme of giving flowers to living legends, join the GEEKx in celebrating the music of one of Hip Hop Rock’s most influential bands.

The N.E.R.D Experience pt 1 celebrated by the GEEKx.

Representing the underdogs and the often unseen communities, the GEEKx take pride in their diverse roster of performers who are from a variety of backgrounds, giving their special unique touch to keeping live music alive, whilst adapting to the new 'normal' of the present covid era.

Similarly to N.E.R.D. (No one Ever Really Dies) the G.E.E.Kx have created our own backronym, ​Get Everyone Energised & Kookie!

Led by Femi Oyewole, the Berlin (Germany) based band plays live arrangements inspired by the famous band. Expressing the classics that the people love with integrating original samples live on stage, and, in their own touch, the GEEKx have created a feel-good, high energy performance that indulges in nostalgia of good times, utter confidence and being proud to be different from the norm.

Nigerian born, British raised, Femi Oyewole has been active in the Berlin entertainment scene for the last 5 years. His work as a Blueman (for the world renowned ​BlueMan Group​), production manager for Kween Kong (​Mayowa’s World), a regular radio host on ​THFRadio​ and one of the co-founders of the social enterprise​ Black Brown Berlin. Femi displays the high calibre of work that creates memorable experiences.

Watch the tribute ​here

Follow the GEEKx https://the-geeks.yolasite.com/ https://www.instagram.com/officiallythegeekx/


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