Stop Police Brutality - Black Asian Solidarity EU-wide

Stop Police Brutality - Black Asian Solidarity EU-wide

DAMN invites members of the German-Asian, Asian Diasporic and other BIPOC communities across Germany and Europe to an online sharing and strategy meeting on Black-Asian Solidarity.

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White Supremacy as a global structure of oppression feels too big to even imagine and dismantle in our heads, let alone on the streets. The severe amount of murder and violence faced by our Black brothers and sisters is endless, and now is the time for the larger Asian communities to clearly take a position on this unchecked cycle of oppression. We as POC who also face White Supremacist violence, need to reject and criticise model minority discourses and learn to put our bodies and minds on the line to stand with Black communities. The murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Amaud Arbery cannot simply remain painful news stories for us. We need to learn and grow better strategies of solidarity.

Police violence is not an "American phenomenon" but has long been happening in Germany, as well as in the entirety of Europe. We have to look around us. It is happening closer to us than sometimes assumed.

We invite everyone from BIPOC communities across Europe to a frank and honest online discussion on police brutality and White Supremacy. We will have a few presentations and discussion groups where we are keen to discuss personal strategies against and witness accounts of white supremacist violence against BIPOC, with of course a centrality to Black experiences. We want to make this meeting as accessible, as safe and as honest as possible. We would appreciate help with moderation, safe-space measures, personal accounts and other forms of support.

Let us get loud about this. Enough.

The discussion will be held in English. We apologise for the limitations this creates.




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