Queering the Night- QMOC Anniversary- GLADT Soli Party

Queering the Night- QMOC Anniversary- GLADT Soli Party

Queer Men * of Color Celebrates its First Year Anniversary !!!
GLADT solos party!

Queer Men * of Color Berlin is a self-organizing group for black queer men * and queer men * of color initiated and coordinated by GLADT eV. We started in February 2019 with the goal of creating a trans and non-binary inclusive space for people who move along the spectrum of manliness * and especially for those who experience racism and other forms of discriminations. Since the beginning of 2019, we organized workshops, film screenings, game nights and evolved as an alternative group.




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Afrikan Yoga in The Park


QTIBIWoC*s - Let's meet and regroup


A Healing Circle For Black/POC Men


Archiving the Mo(ve)ment by Okhiogbe Omonblanks Omonhinmin


BEBE - Black Empowerment Black Embodiment


Cuties! Leisure group