QTIBIWoC*s - Let's meet and regroup

QTIBIWoC*s - Let's meet and regroup

We are inviting QTIBIWoC*s to a Picknick. QTIBIWoC*s only!

Covid-19, Black Lives Matter Movement, Hate Speach, quarantine, family separation, financial insecurity, mental health, global injustice, etc. etc.
We want to get together again and share our experiences.

How can BIWOC* Rising support you with the upcoming safe space? Have the needs changed? Is there a new normal already? Do you have any ideas or questions?

We are almost there! We will soon have a space for us and want to make sure that we will meet the needs. So join us and give us your feedback.

We invite max. 20 people to a picnic in Hasenheide Park. If it rains and/or there are more then 20 people interested we will make it an online event. Will keep you posted.

Please rsvp info@biwoc-rising.org


@Hasenheide Park


Press image to visit the organizer's website.

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