Let's talk about: Dating while Black

Let's talk about: Dating while Black

“Let's talk about” goes into the next round and we want to talk about dating, romantic relationships and love. Black people often face a wide variety of stereotypes on these issues. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced racism in data or relationships, which is particularly painful. How do you deal with all of these issues? What experiences have you done? Let's talk about it!

How it works: You send us an email to info@afropolitan.berlin with which you register for the session. Shortly before the start, you will receive a link via email with which you can join the discussion group. We are now more than ever dependent on donations. We are therefore particularly pleased about donations to the project as part of the event. Details will be announced. Please understand that only participants who take part in the conversation with video and sound will be admitted. The offer is aimed exclusively at members of the black community. The meeting will be held in German.




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