GreenBuzz Joint Event - The Post-Covid Opportunity

GreenBuzz Joint Event - The Post-Covid Opportunity

For the first time, the GreenBuzz chapters Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Berlin come together for a joint virtual event! Join us to discuss the important topic of ‘sustainability after Covid-19’ and how we can make sure it is still a priority!

Throughout this global crisis that we are currently in, it has become increasingly clear that environmental, social and governance sustainability need to be a priority, now more than ever! The crisis has shone a light on the drawbacks and injustices of our global (economic) systems.

In addition to threatening the lives of many people and the global economy, Covid-19 has demonstrated that “human societies are capable of transforming themselves more or less overnight. In fact, there’s no better time than now to usher in systemic economic change.”

This is one voice among many who suggest that this crisis also presents an opportunity to transition toward a more sustainable world.

Each chapter invites one expert, who will talk about the topic from a specific perspective:

Finance Sector perspective – GreenBuzz Zurich

Government perspective – GreenBuzz Bern

Corporate perspective – GreenBuzz Geneva

Community / NGO perspective – GreenBuzz Berlin




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