Black to the future: Writing-meet -up

Black to the future: Writing-meet -up

"I can tell you that you should not be afraid to feel and write about it. Even if you are afraid, write anyway! We have learned to work when we are tired, so we can learn to write when we are afraid. '
- Audre Lorde

Black to the Future is a place in the future - a place of utopia that our thoughts put on paper. Together we create a space between now and tomorrow. We deal with writing as a form of resistance practice and use creative writing processes to challenge different realities. The meeting place creates space for stories away from the white `norm` and creates a decolonial and intersectional vision based on afrofuturistic elements. Concepts of gender, identity, class or origin should be questioned and the future imagined. How can we use afrofuturistic writing as a form of resistance practice? What visions beyond Wakanda can we create? And how do you develop in exchange with other participants?

Black to the Future is a collective meeting for all writing enthusiasts and those who want to become one. We approach utopias from an Afro-futuristic perspective, through diverse inputs and interactive exercises, we exchange ideas and express our ideas in writing. The "Black to the future" - writing meeting with Adyam Tesfamariam takes place in our project workshop "You got this!". All levels and writing forms are welcome. The event will take place in German and is aimed exclusively at members of the black community.

March 21st marks the international day or week for the abolition of racial discrimination. If we look at current discourses, many of our visions of the future seem utopian. For this reason, we want to create a space together with participants for this day, which imagines the future from an afro-centric and black position and thus resists the dystopian danger.

Adyam Tesfamariam is a student of social sciences, a passionate copywriter and gives part-time anti-discrimination workshops. As part of her internship and the project workshop "You got this'" at AfroPolitan Berlin, the idea for 'Black to the Future' came up. Based on their own research and joint design with the project, an offer has been created that brings together their enthusiasm for writing, poetry, black resistance and elements of Afro-Futurism.

+++ Only for BPoC +++: With the name “Only for BPoC”, we would like to point out that these workshops and events are aimed exclusively at people who position themselves as black (B = Black). That means people who belong to the African diaspora and experience anti-black racism. In order to give black and racially discriminated persons the opportunity to articulate their thoughts within a so-called "safe space", without experiencing exclusion and avoid patronizing a majority of white participants, we design certain courses exclusively.

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