BEBE - Black Empowerment Black Embodiment

BEBE - Black Empowerment Black Embodiment

Black Peepz, let's reconnect and embody it!

Racism is an experience, an ideology and a system that creates divisions. We of ourselves - our perception, our power, our intuition, our trust in ourselves and the world - and each other. In the 150 or so empowerment workshops I have accompanied since 2011, I have felt this shift in space every time black people reconnected with themselves and then connected with each other. Now, let's embody this shift!

BEBE is a Digital Empowerment Space exclusively for Black Diaspora people where we experience different methods and tools from bodywork, creative writing, biographical reflection, utopian thinking and attentive exchange.
What else do you need? Mobile/ computer, camera, microphone, loudspeaker/ headphones, a little space around you, a stable internet connection and 120 min time.

The sessions can be booked independently. To enable as many people as possible to participate, the sessions can be booked via the sliding scale: 15,-/ 25,-/ 35,-/ 45,- Euro. If another solution is desired, please just write to me.
Step 1: Send PM for the booking link
Step 2: Book a ticket.
Step 3: Get confirmation & invitation.

Spaceholder: Pasquale Virginie Rotter is a Somatic Empowerment Coach (#thelovinggaze), Lecture Performer*, author* and empowerment and anti-discrimination trainer*. In 2018-2019 Pasquale Virginie has set up the project "EmpA - Empowerment, Sensitization and Anti-Racist Opening" at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin. With the approach "Unlearning Oppression through the Body" Pasquale Virginie accompanies, coaches and inspires individuals and groups with racism and non-racism experience in body-oriented (de-)learning and liberation processes. #unlearningoppressionthroughthebody




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