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15th Feb 2020


@Each One Teach One



Screening: »NO !! The Rape Documentary «

+++black, African and Afrodiasporic communities. Women ONLY+++

A documentary from the USA. It is a film about sexualized violence within the black community, a film that was made with great sensitivity and respect. Sexualized violence is a crime against body and soul that is committed worldwide and predominantly by men, regardless of origin or status, against women * and children. The brave women * who have their say have broken a taboo by no longer being silent about sexual violence in the black community, but openly about the attacks and rapes within the family that they have experienced and survived in the community, speak in the circle of friends and also in politically activist circles. Aishah Shahidah Simmons, the filmmaker - a survivor of sexualized violence - triggers a discussion within the black communities with her film. She encourages women * to talk about their experience, to bring this into the communities and to empower themselves. After the screening there will be a guided discussion round. An event within the framework of Ìwòsàn - Healing: Empowerment Circle for Black Women * and in cooperation with ADEFRA Roots.

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