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Double Book Launch: »PADucating Realities« and »Tayos Weg«

+++black, African and Afrodiasporic communities. ONLY+++

EOTO presents its 2 new publications: "PADucating Realities - Afrodiasporische social practices", published by the team of EOTO Jugendarbeit & Partner * with contributions from a black author collective, bundles various threads and starting points from the pedagogical work of recent years. PADucating Realities focuses on youth work, empowerment, advice, experience & knowledge. Diverse perspectives and contributions come together, which present both the diversity of the experiences and the thematic issues with which actors within social professions deal. The second publication that will be presented that evening is "Tayos Weg", an illustrated historical treatise on the history of black presence in Germany.

25th Feb 2020


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