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Human Scale Light & Sound Expedition Instrument

Willpower is an Afro-American-French multidisciplinary artist focusing on light, sound and participatory installation artist. 


He utilizes coding and electronics as his paint and paintbrush.

The participatory environments he creates open new dimensions in the public’s psyche, whereby the stimulation of the senses allows the audience to experience a state of fascination including a progressive persuasion on his behalf to redefine humanity’s boundaries both physically and metaphorically, and set paths that intersect and celebrate diversity.

Willpower invites all of humanity to become “visual composers” as his artwork immediately involves participants informing or conducting the pieces. 

(Official launch

23rd Jan 2020



24th Jan - 22nd Feb 2020

2pm - 6pm

@Lindenstrasse 90/Mendelssohn Platz



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