Thoughtfully curated for The Black & Brown community of Berlin

​We reflect a people that is multidimensional, beautiful and unapologetic. ​

Black Brown Berlin is a community directory & platform celebrating our culture and community in Berlin.


Shining the spotlight on Black and Brown excellence throughout the city. We provide a range of Thoughtfully Curated content aimed to inform, connect, and serve the black and brown community in Berlin.

We are a platform designed to AMPLIFY

Established in 2018 we exist to empower the Black and Brown community with information and accessibility to businesses and networks in Berlin so that we continue to connect and grow as a community. 

It is important for us to reflect a people that is multidimensional, beautiful and unapologetic. 

All shades of black/brown are valued and important to our mission no matter the gender identity, age, ability, sexual orientation, class, size, and cultural background.

We are QTIBIPoC friendly. 

We (Black and Brown people) belong in this city just as much as the other, therefore should feel confident in our safety at all times.


It is our aim to ensure that spaces that aim to reflect diversity, representation and inclusion consider our community as an important contributor to the conversation.

If you experience any form of abuse or harassment from events/venues listed on our page, please inform us via the feedback form or email.

We will be sure to expose the event/venue and challenge them on accountability.

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