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Thoughtfully curated for The Black & Brown community of Berlin

​We reflect a people that is multidimensional, beautiful and unapologetic. ​

Shining the spotlight on Black and Brown excellence across Berlin and beyond. Providing thoughtfully curated content to educate, represent, connect and serve. 


Established in 2018 the Black Brown Berlin digital platform exists to empower communities with accessibility to businesses, events and networks that foster safer* spaces, equitable and inclusive exchange.


All shades of black/brown are valued and important to our mission no matter gender identity, age, ability, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, size, point of origin, and we are actively inclusive of our QTBPOC siblings and members.

Black Brown Berlin does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination in any form. 


​Amplifying artists, entrepreneurs, social and creative campaigners through our community business map and directory, production and digital marketing channels, our multi-media interview series, and customized consultancy services, we celebrate the diverse contributors shaping, challenging and doing it for the culture. 


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